Just have a few garmnets to be washed and ironed? We can handle this as well. Expect to have your garments returned within 48hours. Our service is an incredible time saver for busy professionals, working moms, students, or just anyone looking to get rid of another weekly chore…

Retail Clothes - Price List
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ImageCategoryPrice ImageCategoryPrice ImageCategoryPrice
shirts15 Rs/- ladies-shirt15 Rs/- bed-sheet-single12 Rs/-
t-shirts10 Rs/- top15 Rs/- blanket50 Rs/-
trouser15 Rs/- kurta20 Rs/- quilt80 Rs/-
jeans15 Rs/- safari-top-cotton15 Rs/- duvet-single150 Rs/-
shorts-cotton10 Rs/- trouser15 Rs/- duvet-double200 Rs/-
handkerchief3 Rs/- pants15 Rs/- pillow-cover-cotton5 Rs/-
pyjama20 Rs/- slacks15 Rs/- table-cloth(small)10 Rs/-
kurta25 Rs/- jeans15 Rs/- table-cloth(big)20 Rs/-
safari-shirt25 Rs/- shorts10 Rs/- bath-towel(cotton)8 Rs/-
dhoti25 Rs/- salwar20 Rs/- bath-towel(luxury-cotton)12 Rs/-
lungi10 Rs/- kameez18 Rs/- hand-towel5 Rs/-
socks-pair6 Rs/- dupatta5 Rs/- bath-mat8 Rs/-
undergarment5 Rs/- dress20 Rs/- cushion-cover(1pcs)10 Rs/-
tie6 Rs/- skirt15 Rs/- door-curtain-full40 Rs/-
blazer300 Rs/- saree(cotton-with-starch)40 Rs/- face-towel/napkin4 Rs/-
kids-blazer150 Rs/- fancy-saree40 Rs/- footmat10 Rs/-
uniform-kids-boys12 Rs/- cotton-blouse8 Rs/- bath-robe20 Rs/-
boxer6 Rs/- silk-blouse10 Rs/- car-seat-cover150 Rs/-
linen-shirts22 Rs/- choli-cotton20 Rs/- chair-cover15 Rs/-
linen-trousers22 Rs/- grown20 Rs/- cushion-cover-big25 Rs/-
shirt-monthly0 Rs/- stockings/socks-pair6 Rs/- sofa-cover-per-seat15 Rs/-
sherwanipair40 stole-scarf6 Rs/- dari15 Rs/-
kidshirt7 nighty12 Rs/- bed-sheet-double18 Rs/-
kidpant7 pyjama-cotton20 Rs/- windowcurtainhalf30 Rs/-
jarkin50 petti-coat8 Rs/- net10 Rs/-
jarkin(drycleaning)150 skd-cotton20 Rs/- cap5
shirtpairiron15 undergarment6 Rs/- footmat(big)50
shirt13 uniform-kids-girls(3-piecs)15 Rs/- blanketdrywash200
pant13 uniform-kids-girls(2pcs)10 Rs/- quiltdrywash300